Day of Action- Abundance Stalls

The Day of Action (as part of the Climate Forum weekend) was a (very cold) yet beautiful day filled with ethical and activist stalls –  fresh local produce – music and more. Abundance shared two stalls with OxGrow-

– one outside where we offered people walking by tasters of juice and chutney that we’ve made from fruit and veg that would otherwise have gone to waste…  &

– one inside where we were occuping the “messy space” and doing a “CIDER MAKING SESSION“- specifically cider syphoning


as well as making bird feeders to help the birds get through the winter. After having taken something from nature in foraging and in harvesting fruit (although we make a point never to take too much from one spot and only harvest from where there is produce in abundance) we still wanted to give something back and we think this is a nice way to do so…

Our wonderful Mim was helping make apple bird feeders upstairs and finally got Abundance into the Oxford Mail youpi! 🙂


And those downstairs were eating chutney and jam to keep warm next to Greenbroom

Greenbroom is a coop with a beautiful patch of land in south oxfordshire that they’re converting into a sustainability centre. They aim to teach a variety of different ecological skills and techniques from bee-keeping to permaculture, forest gardening to building with the earth, different uses for wood, wild food and herbs and everything inbetween. 

Check out the cool plant support structure they made for OxGrow on the Day of Action:


Definitely some opportunities for abundance-oxgrow-greenbroom collaborations in the future: maybe with foraging as well as with potential tree care and propagation skill sharing – pruning grafting and more!


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