What have we been up to (these past 9 months)? What shall we do now?

Hello! So we’ve been up to a lot over the past 9 months- we’ve still got to sit down and work out the rough quantities of fruit we’ve rescued and redistributed.. but here is a quick overview of what we’ve done and also an idea about what we could do this year…

Foraged for Nettles and made Nettle Soup

Foraged for Elderflowers and made Elderflower Cordial

Picked veg from OxGrow’s community garden off Abingdon Road & made Gazpacho

Foraged for Wild Greens and made Wild Green Pesto and Pie

Scouted Fruit Trees

Harvested unwanted fruits (mainly apples) from all over Oxford as well as just outside Oxford

Redistributed apples to Donnington Doorstep – Stepping Stones – Harvest Festivals with bike trailers and given them out to the general public at stalls

Used apples to make gallons of juice and to brew some cider

Foraged for Hedgerow treats and made Hedgerow Jelly

Foraged for crab apples and made jellies and apple-crab apple juices with them


Planned PRUNING workshop to go ahead once the snow and cold weather lets us

Planned BIKE TRAILER making workshop to go ahead in Spring

Been investigating the logistics of doing a  GRAFTING workshop

Structuring Abundance Oxford to maximise our potential

Stall at the Climate Forum’s DAY OF ACTION on 27th Jan.

and more………..

We need you to take on roles help shape the organisation and help us maximise our potential as urban fruit harvesters and redistributers… email us at abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com

or facebook us

or come chat to us in the Hogacre Pavilion TOMORROW – SUNDAY- from11:45-1pm (just before tree planting and wassailing activities!) Bring some food to eat and share or just tuck in to the food we’ve prepared. Hope to see you there! Bring an idea of your free-time any workshops you can propose to help run as well as warm clothes decent shoes musical instruments and marshmallows for the tree planting and WASSAIL should you want to join in those activities too!


foodshareYUM! foraged wild green piesbigfeastpicking herbs from OxGrow's permaculture inspired herb-spiralElderflower Cordial prepBottling Elderflower Cordialforaging nettles (that otherwise would have been trampled down)nettle soup - very health natural & tasty too


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