Christmas Gifting- Apple Pressing with Donnington Doorstep

On Friday 14th December a few volunteers went over to Donnington Doorstep to press apple juice with them and make some bird feeders for winter as well as a few apple themed decorations. We were a little daunted seeing as we’d only found out a few days before that we’d mainly be pressing juice with 2-4 year olds. But we shouldn’t have worried the kids got stuck right in!

apple press in Donny Doorstep's backyard

Here is the lovely testimony we got from Donnington Doorstep’s Lucy:

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the apple pressing workshop.  I’ve received some great feedback from the staff and it was lovely to be able to offer the fresh juice to our service users the following day.”
Don’t worry- we know the kids had lots of fun too. As soon as the apple press was ready to go we couldn’t keep the kids away from making their own juice and tasting it. A real connection with food and where things come from and not one pinch of sugar or anything else went anywhere near it. Just pure fresh tasty apple juice. And we reckon it might have been the tastiest batch yet.
Happy Holidays to the kids and those that look after them- all the apple juice we bottled given to them to keep :)

Happy Holidays to the kids and those that look after them- all the apple juice we bottled given to them to keep 🙂

Andy even managed to DIY Pasteurise the juice bottles on the stove so we could give Donnington Doorstep the bottles to keep.  This is very simple and just requires the use of boiling water and a stove.
1. Pour boiling water into the bottles and lids before the bottles are used for juice.
2. Pour this water out into a big pan on the stove.
3. Fill the sterilised bottles with apple juice and then put these bottles into the big pan of water on the stove.
4. Make sure the hot water comes up to the same level as that of the juice in the bottles and heat to approx 72 C for about 20-30 minutes.
If you’d like to make some bird feeders- here’s the basic idea- one that we based our bird feeders on- of how to make apple bird feeders. Do it with apples you have that you don’t think taste great – old ones in the fruit bowl that no one is eating or windfalls you won’t have time to rescue or ones from a tree that you have had enough of (we’ve met several people who’ve said that they just don’t really like their apples!) to add value to them and help birds get through the winter- particularly this chilly one coming up.
* (allergy friendly- without peanut butter)
We had no allergic children so we did the peanut buttered variety. They looked something like this:
The activities we did with Donnington Doorstep are one of the great things we’ve been able to afford to do for completely free- because of the kind donations we’ve had this year from jams chutneys shared feasts cakes and more.
This and other activities like it are one of the main reasons many of us volunteer with Abundance- as well as of course the whole community around harvesting cooking eating & sharing! 🙂

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