The good the bad and the chutney…

Hello Everyone!

So here it is -sorry for the delay- our Chuck-It-In-Chutney Recipe! As tested by our Chuck It In Chutney & Food thriftiness workshop for the European Week for Waste Reduction.


We made 3 different types:

Man’ that’s a Go’od Chutney (Caramelised Mango & Apple)

Mush’ room with your oat biscuits for me? (Mushroom & Tomato Chutney)

Veg Out! Aubergine & Root Veg (Yes we ran a bit out of steam)

from a bag of mixed veg rescued and thankfully donated from the Food Bank.

The idea of the recipe is that it doesn’t matter WHAT you chuck into this chutney recipe- whatever you have a glut of leftovers or have to get rid of asap- and it should all turn into a lovely chutney nonetheless. During the workshop we weren’t sure whether we wanted to really put mushrooms into chutney before or not… but we did and we’re glad for it. Who else would put mushrooms in chutney? *

*Having said that a googlesearch the day after the workshop to see if there were any repercussions to putting mushrooms into chutney showed that actually mushroom “chutney” is a perfectly acceptable condiment and even apparently “traditionally English”. So there we go!


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