InsightShare Participatory video workshop!

We planned, we participated, we filmed! And look what we came up with

We don’t have any photos of the process because we didn’t take any, but that made it all the more participatory!
We learned how to use a video camera properly, connect it up to different mikes and use those, as well as tried a mini video on Cowley Road; and then got onto drawing and agreeing on the storyboard and shooting the mini-film!  

And we also did some proper Abundance stuff which we filmed: found some new trees and tree owners to talk to, delivered thank you apple juice bottles, harvested windfalls and picked more using the picker from owners that we’ve harvested from before, delivered to Steppin Stones and saw what they had planned chutney-wise.

For more info on Stepping Stones/The Porch, the charity that we’ve been working with and what they do with the apples we give them: They also provide hot meals at the centre and some of our apples have gone into those!

If you know of a charity  or not-for-profit organisation that provides meals for free or at a low subsidised cost for those who are disadvantaged, or who could benefit from the surplus apples and pears we collect by using them in community celebration days (in a not-for-profit way)- apple pressings, big pots of soup, and get togethers who could do with a helping hand then please let us know, email and we’ll get in touch with them as soon as we can.


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