Harvest! Windfalls pressed into delicious fresh juice at Hogacre Harvest Festival

Tis the season! Not Christmas but HARVEST SEASON and Hogacre Common’s Harvest Festival was perfectly timed to make the most of the abundant vegetables on site. That included:

carrots, parsnips, beetroot and some tasty beetroot leaves, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, pumpkins, butternut squash, sweetcorn and MORE!  (http://www.flickr.com/photos/61409030@N02/ for some lovely harvest photos)

Abundance Oxford were there:

showing off the HEDGEROW JELLY we made during our last workshop, (which went so quickly that we didn’t even have time to take a photo of the jars together! We’ve saved one jar at hogacre for trying on Apple Day, next Sunday, in case you want to see what it tastes like) 

helping out with APPLE PRESSING (sorting, chopping out any funny and wriggly bits)

then washing in big “trug” buckets with the help of some lovely helpful kids (I think the water in the bucket was a bit cold, bless him)

cold water - washing apples

as well as pressing our own rescued ABUNDANT APPLES donated from back-gardens across Oxford-

many free unwanted and donated and very juice-able windfalls

the vast majority of apples that we pressed were windfalls and yet they made GREAT juice! (and there were bags and bags and we still left plenty for the birds and insects, as ever, in fact we hardly made a dent on the crop)

We also collected TREE DETAILS- of privately owned trees whose owners are happy for us to go harvest this season,as well as information about trees that are usually laden with fruit but this year have done poorly, to get  in touh with next year!

SO if you have windfalls

pommes perdus









your garden, please get in touch with us!

Email us at abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com and we can come  help clear your lawn-  then on Sunday 21st  we will fill our apple scratter (what is used to mash the apples up so that when they go in the press they make the most juice possible) and press lots of juice from them!

Harvest Queen of Pressing Alex hands out the juice!

You can come and try a glass of what your windfall turn into with a bit of attention and a loving squeeze (well, a pressing).


We also took some scratted apple mash home and will be experimenting with making apple jelly from it…

And one abundancer took some scratted apple mash home and has already made apple compote with it, which is apparently delicious! We’d recommend coring the apples properly before scratting if you really want to cook with the delicious scratted apple by-product.

The rest was composted- and will be a great activator for OxGrow’s compost. Chickens and pigs love scratted apples too so if you have any or know anyone with some, feel free to bring a bag and take some home to give them!


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